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Class: Beginner’s Drawing




Hellada Gallery

117 Linden Ave, Long Beach, CA 90802

Mondays: 6:00pm – 9:30pm  

Saturdays: 12noon - 5:30pm


Instructor: Marek Dzida



                6 pencil variety, 2H – 6B

                Pencil sharpener

                Rubber eraser

                Kneaded eraser

                Eraser shield

                12” ruler

                18” x 24’, 80lb Strathmore sketchbook

                18” x 24’, 80lb Strathmore newsprint

                Variety of blending stumps



Lesson 1

-        Introduction.

-        Syllabus overview.

-        Overview of art materials.

-        Basic drawing techniques, how to hold a pencil.

-        Line drawing

-        Textures

-        Create gray scales with a variety of pencils.


Lesson 2

         -        Composition awareness

-        Erasing techniques

-        What is a sketch?

-        Outlines and silhouettes


Lesson 3

-        Creating flat shapes, outlines and contours.

-        Recognize positive and negative space.

-        Creating silhouettes.

-        Learning to draw objects and recognizing shadows.


Lesson 4

-        Study of one point perspective.


Lesson 5

-        Study of one point perspective.


Lesson 6

-        Study of two and multiple points of perspective.


Lesson 7

-        Recognizing and learning to draw reflections, shadows and tonal transitions.

-        Drawing exercises of basic 3D forms.


Lesson 8

-        Drawing exercises of still life and morphed forms.


Lesson 9

-        Learning to draw human body elements. Ear, eye, nose, hand.

-        Recognizing facial ratios.


Lesson 10

-        Final exercise of drawing human body and face.

-        Recognizing body ratios.

-        Drawing Class Certificates to be received by students.