Free, 55 minute lectures followed by Q&A.


What is art?


How to become an artist?  

Art and philosophy, how are they connected?

Concepts of happiness

Who are the artists?

How to look at art-works?


Every Sunday, 3:00PM


Lectures/classes are open to all ages, and all levels of interest in art.

The idea of such class was born as a collaborative effort
of several local Long Beach artists in hope
to share the fundamental information about what is art and how to engage in artistic creativity?
Hope to see you soon,
Marek Dzida, gallery director


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School of Long Beach

invite you to 

acting classes by Robert Prior

Starting August 19th, 2017. Every Saturday; 11:00am - 2:00pm

to register call: 562.682-9735 

Each class $25. First class for new students is free.

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Photography class by Marek Dzida


This class is based on 10 assignments and study of each work. New assignments can be analyzed

in classroom or from your home via internet. All ages are welcome. Digital cameras are OK,

but we encourage to work with traditional film cameras.

With focus on black-and-white fine art photography we will define basic 

photo-techniques and finish with implementing art elements into printed images.
Lectures and classes are arranged with the students to fit their individual schedule.
Total cost is $380.00. For more information call Marek at 562.682-9735.

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